tisdag 15 december 2015

QRpedia in the Royal Armoury

We wanted to make it a little bit easier for our foreign visitors to grasp the context of the objects on display in the Royal Armoury. The history of Sweden is probably not as well known outside the country as we would like to think, and that's why we decided to use QRpedia in the museum. The QR codes lead to Wikipedia articles about historic events and persons, and they are connected to the objects on display in the Royal Armoury.

In order to let QRpedia in the Royal Armoury enrich your visit, you need a smartphone and a QR reader of your choice. When you scan a code in the exhibition you will instantly be directed to the connected Wikipedia article in your own language. If the article does not exist in your language, you will be directed to the English version by default.

By giving the visitors several ways to enjoy the objects, we hope that we create a better experience. All the articles you find in the Royal Armoury can also be found here. Hope you will enjoy!

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